"You Don't Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate."
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To Discover Extra Profits And Grow Your Business Faster...

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Launch  Problems
Are you frustrated that you have a great new product idea... but you can't launch the product because the supplier’s quote is too high?
Do you wake up at night, worried that your supplier will increase price again, and leave you with no profits?
Do you feel stuck with a bad supplier’s poor quality, but you don’t know how to fix it or get out of the relationship?
of Stock
When you are out of stock, are you afraid that if you negotiate harder, the supplier may delay your order even more?
"I’ve spent over 20 Years dealing with suppliers; helping entrepreneurs making millions in extra profits.

After 1000+ proven success stories, I want to share the 'secret' with you. Trust me, your business depends on it!
Yuping Wang
Founder, Sourcing Warrior®

The Negotiation Masterclass©

Your secret weapon to make extra profits and grow your business faster!
The business world is never going to be transparent as you wished.
It is never going be fair either.
Either you negotiate or leave your profits on the table.

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If you want to profit from the negotiation...

Let me show you...

  • How to negotiate more profits even if you have a small budget...
  • ​​How to take control of your business; stop being pushed around by the supplier’s high prices and poor quality.
  • ​How to create leverage to get better deals in less time!
  • ​How to do ALL this without having a big budget and tons of experience.
 Negotiation Strategies Tested And Proven By 1000+ Profitable Negotiations

"Trust me: you need this!"

I needed help. And then there was Yuping. Her negotiation master class taught me all the ins and outs of negotiation. Good investment for me!
- Bill Jensen
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The Negotiation Masterclass©
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Negotiation Is A Game.
Once You Know How To
Play The Game, 
I Promise You...
  • You'll take better control of your supplier and get better price and better quality.
  • ​​​You’ll demand better terms and secure better deals, faster.
  • ​​​You’ll negotiate with confidence, and never feel scared or intimidated again.
  • ​You'll grow your business with more profits faster than you can imagine.

And you’ll do ALL of this while having FUN...

Regular Price: $797

Limited-Time Special: $397

Meet Our Amazing Students
Their Success Could Easily Be Yours...
"This Masterclass is FUN! 

I went through the materials in 2 days. Couldn't stop, LOL. Never thought I can get so confident negotiating with my suppliers so soon!"

Sylvia Roberts
"Don't assume you know negotiation. Wow, so many 'secrets' in this class. This class itself is my secret negotiation weapon. For anyone who is not sure if this class is for you, believe me, you need it!! Good investment for my business."

Steven Kerver
"Gold! Totally Pro. The whole class is packed with gold nuggets. I love the Leverage module. Yuping is right, you have to know how to Create leverage when you don't have any! 
The course has paid itself for me."

Marla Jemison
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Limited-Time Special: $397

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If, for any reason whatsoever, you don't love the course...
We will refund your payment within the first 30 days, no questions asked!

There is zero risk.
There has Never been a better time to master negotiation and make extra profits for your business!
It is Crazy to trial and error on your own. Your negotiation mistakes could cost you lots of money, and create tons of stress for your life.


Get Instant Access To:
  • Module 1: Pro-Level Negotiation Strategies (Valued at $897)
  • Module 2: Information Discovery Techniques (Valued at $897)
  • Module 3: Create Leverage To Increase Profits (Valued at $897)
  • Module 4: Upgrade Your Style (Negotiation E.Q.) (Valued at $897)
  • Module 5: Real-Life Case Studies To Master The Game (Valued at $897)
  • Personal Mentorship  From Yuping in The Private Group (Valued at 5,000)
  • Module 1: Pro-Level Negotiation Strategies
    (Valued at $897)
  • Module 2: Information Discovery Techniques
    (Valued at $897)
  • Module 3: Create Leverage To Increase Profits
    (Valued at $897)
  • Module 4: Upgrade Your Style (Negotiation E.Q.)
    (Valued at $897)
  • Module 5: Real-Life Case Studies To Master The Game
    (Valued at $897)
  • Personal Mentorship  From Yuping in The Private Group
    (Valued at 5,000)

Total Value Of $9,485

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Total Value Of $9,485

Regular Price: $797

Limited-Time Special: $397


If I am not happy with the course can I get a refund?
Absolutely, 100%. You are protected by the Sourcing Warrior® 30-Day Refund Guarantee. Read the Terms of Service for full disclosure of the Refund Policy.

How can I contact you if I have more questions?
We love to answer your questions! Feel free to send us an email at support@sourcingwarrior.com, or simply send us a message on our contact page


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