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Dynamically Updated
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  • ​Bonus 1 - Mutual NNN Agreement (English & Chinese)
  • ​Bonus 2 - The Alibaba Sourcing Guide 2.0
  • ​Bonus 3 - The China Canton Fair Guide©
  • ​Bonus 4 - Vietnam Sourcing Case Study To Give You More Intel
  • ​Bonus 5 - Invitation To The Exclusive Sourcing Warriors FB Group
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The creator of the Product, Yuping Wang, is not a licensed practicing attorney in the United States of America. Contents provided in the Product, is based on Yuping Wang’s working experience in supply chain management in the U.S.A and her prior working experience in China as a practicing attorney in Beijing, China.

The Product offered by Yuping Wang, sold through Goodlife Warrior, LLC, is intended to convey practical business practice information only and not to provide legal advice. Customer is responsible for performing its own due diligence and evaluation before making buying decisions. Yuping Wang and Goodlife Warrior, LLC are not liable for Customer’s decision to buy the Product and the results of using the Product.See our Terms of Service for full disclaimer of liability and other restrictions.

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