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It Took Me Years To Perfect The Quote Templates. 
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What's In The Quote Master©?
Sourcing Warrior's Signature Templates:
  • The Message Template to Your Product Suppliers Is Professionally Drafted To Make You Sound Like A Legit Company, So You Won't Be Treated Like A Rookie Buyer. 
  • The Message Template to Your Shipping Companies Is Professionally Drafted With Clear Instructions To Help You Get The Best Service And The Best Shipping Price. 
  • ​Request To Quote  (RFQ) Template:  Pre-formulated and Professionally Prepared With All The Data Field You Need To Get The Best Quote!  
Sourcing Warrior's Professional Video Tutorials:
  • Impression Is Money:  Videos Tutorials Help You Understand Why Professional Messages Are So Crucial For The First Contact.
  • Data Is Intelligence: Why Each Data Point Is Required? How Do You Cross Examine The Data?  We Will Teach You How To Get The Intel From The Data!
  • Profits In Shipping: Big Profits Can Be Found In Shipping, You Must Know How To Get The Best Shipping Quote. 
    Whom The Quote Master© Is For?
    It Is MUCH HARDER To Negotiate The Price Down 
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    • You Need The Quote Master© To Help Avoid Being Treated Like A Rookie And Getting Bad Prices.
    • You Need The Quote Master© To Save Time. It Is Designed to Handle Many Quotes Efficiently With Built-In Formulas.
    • You ​Need To Know The Profit Margin Before Spending Money Buying The Product!
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    • ​You Will Get An Instant Login Link Upon Registration.
    • ​You Will Have An Immediate Access To The Quote Master© Templates And Video Tutorials.
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    Exclusive Bonus #1: Landed Cost & Profit Margin Analysis
    Know Your Profit Margin - The Worst & Best Case Scenarios!
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    • ​Landed Cost Analysis Template Is Sourcing Warrior's Signature Template. Pre-Formulated With Every Cost Elements Built In -So You Don't Have To Worry About Mis-Calculating Your Profit Margin And Lose Money!
    • ​Step-By-Step Video Tutorials, Using A Real Amazon Product As An Example, Walking You Through Step-By-Step - To Help You Figure Out Your Best And Worst Case Profit Margin Scenarios.
    Exclusive Bonus #2: Success Sourcing Calendar
    The Most Detailed Calendar To Guide You Through The Entire Amazon FBA Sourcing Process
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    • ​The Success Sourcing Calendar Is Not Just A Calendar. It Is Your Amazon FBA Sourcing  Action Guide. Each Sourcing Step In The Calendar Is A Milestone Step. With This Calendar, You Will Have A Clear Map Guiding You Through The Entire Sourcing Process. 
    • ​The Video Tutorial Makes It Easy For You To Understand Each Sourcing Step And Be Better Prepared For Each Step For The Next 3 - 6 Months.
    • ​With The Help of The Success Sourcing Calendar's, You Can Now Successfully Launch Your Product Because You Are No Longer Flying Blind.
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    Is the Quote Master© only for beginners?
    Sourcing Warrior's Quote Master© is for anyone who wants to get the best price, the first time. It is harder and takes more time to negotiate the price down after you get the quote. It takes us years to perfect the quote templates, you only need ONE DAY to master it. The Quote Master© pays for itself. You need it for every product you need a quote for best price. 

    If I am not happy with the Quote Master© can I get a refund?
    Absolutely, 100%. You are fully protected by the Sourcing Warrior's Golden 30-Day Guarantee.

    How can I contact you if I have more questions?
    We love to get your questions! Feel free to send us an email at or simply send us a message on our contact page


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