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Get The Best Price
Are you getting the best price? The Quote Master teaches you how to get the best price every time. Stop paying more than you should and start maximizing your savings with the Quote Master©.
Save Time
Don't waste time with trial and error. The Quote Master includes templates and tools that will save you valuable time and get you the best price on day 1. Start streamlining your sourcing process with the Quote Master©.
Maximize Profits
Have you validated your profit margin yet? Use Quote Master©'s margin analysis templates to make informed buying decisions and avoid worst-case scenarios before you make a purchase.
Minimize Risks
Do you know how to spot a dishonest supplier? The Quote Master© teaches you what to look for when comparing quotes from different suppliers to protect your business and get the best prices.

The Quote Master© Pays For Itself By Getting The Best Prices Every Time!

What Do You Get With The Quote Master©?

QM© Signature Templates:
  • Easy To Use: The Quote Master©' templates are ready to support you no matter what type of inquiry you want to send. From "light" inquiries to "fully loaded" ones, our templates are simple and easy to use. All you need to get started is your company name! 
  • ​Professionally Prepared: The Quote Master©' RFQ templates are professionally designed and expertly crafted to help you make a strong impression from the start.
  • Better Results:  Our students have consistently found that using the Quote Master©' templates results in quicker responses and better pricing from suppliers. Save time and get the best deals with these proven strategies.
QM© Step-By-Step Tutorials:
  • Better Deals: A good impression can lead to better deals. The Quote Master©' video tutorials will help you understand how to create the best first impression with a supplier by exploring each template in detail. 
  • ​Cross-Examine Data:  The Quote Master© teaches you how to cross-examine data when you receive quotes. Our RFQ templates have pre-loaded data fields to make the process straightforward.
  • ​Maximize Profit: Maximize your savings and get the best quotes for both products and shipping with the Quote Master©. Our video tutorials provide expert strategies and guidance to help you succeed.

Why Did I Create The Quote Master©?

Yuping Wang, Founder
"Sourcing can be intimidating, especially for those who are new to the process. It can be nerve-wracking to contact overseas suppliers and request quotes.

That's why I created the Quote Master© - a starter course designed to empower you to get the best quotes from Day 1. The Quote Master© includes professionally designed templates that are easy to use and will help you get started on the path to successful sourcing.

I'm proud to share my knowledge and expertise with you through the Quote Master©. I wish you the best of luck on your sourcing journey!"

- Yuping

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What Sourcing Warriors Say About 
The Quote Master©?
Hear It From Our Members
"Thank You Yuping! Practical advice as always. Buying the course was a sound investment for sure!!! 

Much love form the UK"
Anoushka Parshad
"The Quote master material is exceptional. This is a must-have course for a newbie like myself. I wish I had bought it before my first shipment it would have saved me thousands of dollars."
Israel Thembinkosi Sithole
"To be honest, I wanted to keep this course a secret because it gives me a HUGE advantage in getting better prices than my competitors. 
A REAL Golden Nugget!"
Dong Baek
Get In Today, You Get These Exclusive Bonuses!
Bonus #1: 
Profit Margin Analysis Tool
Know Your Best and Worst-Case Scenarios!
  • The Landed Cost Analysis Template is a signature tool of the Quote Master©. It's been pre-formulated with every cost element included, so you don't have to worry about miscalculating your profit margin and losing money. 
  • ​​​​​The Quote Master©' step-by-step video tutorials use a real Amazon product example to help you establish your best and worst case profit margin scenarios. Follow along as I walk you through the process of maximizing your profits and minimizing your risk.
Valued at $250.00
Bonus #2: 
Good Supplier Checklist
Only The Good Suppliers Deserve Your Money!
  • ​​​​It's time to order samples, but how do you choose a supplier? The Quote Master©' Good Supplier Checklist helps you assess every aspect of a supplier to ensure that you're making the informed buying decisions and protect your business from dishonest suppliers.
  • Identifying red flags takes experience and expertise. Before you send money to a new supplier, build confidence in your decision by using the Good Supplier Checklist to ensure that you're working with only the best.
Valued at $250.00
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The quote master©
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  • The Complete Set of Quote Master© Tools
  • Professional Video Training Tutorials
  • Exclusive Bonus #1 - Profit Margin Analysis Tool
  • Exclusive Bonus #2 - The Good Supplier Checklist
  • Gain a competitive edge with the Quote Master's lifetime tools
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Is the Quote Master© only for beginners?

The Quote Master© is designed to help you get the best price the first time, every time. Negotiating prices downward after receiving a bad quote is much more difficult and time-consuming. That's why we've spent years perfecting the Quote Master© templates and tools, which you can master in just one day. The Quote Master© pays for itself with the money you'll save by getting the best prices on all your product sourcing. Don't waste time with trial and error - use the Quote Master© proven strategies to succeed. 

If I am not happy with the Quote Master© can I get a refund?
Absolutely, You're fully protected by our 30-day refund guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied with the Quote Master, just let us know within 30 days and we'll issue a full refund. See the Terms of Service for full details.

How can I contact you if I have more questions?
We love answering your questions! Feel free to email us at


The creator of the product, Yuping Wang, is not a licensed practicing attorney in the United States of America. Contents provided in the product are based on Yuping Wang’s working experience in supply chain management in the U.S.A., and on her prior working experience as a practicing attorney in Beijing, China.

The product offered by Yuping Wang, sold through Goodlife Warrior, LLC, is intended to convey practical business practice information only, and not to provide legal advice. The customer is responsible for performing his or her own due diligence and evaluation before making buying decisions. Yuping Wang and Goodlife Warrior, LLC are liable neither for the customer’s decision to buy the product nor the results of using the product. See our Terms of Service for a full disclaimer of liability and other restrictions.

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