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  • Insiders Exclusives Sourcing Tips: we share new strategies and case studies so you always stay one step ahead your competition.
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  • ​Insiders Exclusive Blogs: If you like learning in a good old-fashioned text format, you’ll love this. Transcripts and blogs will be made exclusive for you.        
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    • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Who Want To:
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    Exclusive Bonus #1: Mutual Non-Compete Non-Disclosure Non-Circumvention Agreement (MNNN)

    When And Why You Need A Mutual NNN?

    Valued at $947
    • ​The Terms In The Regular NNN Agreement (In The Mastermind© Course) Are More Favorable For You (Buyer) - The Supplier Can Push Back Strongly When They Are Intimated By The NNN. 
    • ​In Some Cases, You Might Need Supplier's Existing Design Drawings To Modify And Customize Your Product. This Will Save A Lot of Time And Money For You But The Supplier May Want To Prevent "You" From Stealing Their Design. 
    • ​The Mutal NNN Is Your Backup Plan To Get The IP Protection Agreement Set In Place To Move The Business Forward Without Getting Stuck At The NNN Point.
    Exclusive Bonus #2: Ultimate Canton Fair Guide

    Want To Get The Best Suppliers From The Canton Fair? What Is Your Plan?

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    • ​The Ultimated Canton Fair Guide© Was Born Out Of Hundreds of Tradeshows I Have Attended. 
    • ​To Make Your $3,000 Trip A Worthwhile Investment You Need A Good Plan For The Show (Most People Just Show Up - The "Crowd")
    • ​To Get The Best Suppliers You Need To Have A Plan To Stand Out From The "Crowd" - To Nail The Face-To-Face Meetings, To Efficiently Manage Your 4 Days To Get The Most Out Of The Show.
    • ​The Ultimate Canton Fair Guide© Is Your Shortcut To The Best Result: The Best Suppliers To Move Your Business Forward. 
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